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Wheat Lace Black

Wheat Lace Black

RUWEN Limited Edition Wheat Lace Black Edition is an exquisite & inimitable piece which emphasize the true meaning of elegance & beauty, contingent extra care for your comfort & chest. its pleated technology of wheat lace is more three-dimensional. It is made with Lycra spandex to increase the elasticity and softness of lace, which makes it more comfortable and not easy to deform.


  • Material: 15D high elastic multifunctional yarn, which major functions of anti-bacterial AAA grade, anti mite, prevent odor, far infrared, UV protection, negative ion emission, moisture absorption and air permeability.
  • The chest pads are made of light and permeable cotton with 360 perforholes, and comes along a pair of thinner paddings to meet different chest types.
  • The paddings are connected with a knitted belt to achieve better stability, gathering.
  • Comes with an antibacterial & anti melanin seaweed fabric crotch underwear.


Suitable for all skin types.  


What's included ?

1x Wheat Lace bralette top

1x Pair of thinner coaster paddings

1x Seamless underwear


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