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Here's the washing tips to guide you how to wash it. It's simple & easy 😊

Kissy💋 Tips👇

Because KISSY technology bra is environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, the initial washing of dark coloured bra set will have a slight floating color, which is normal.

⚠ So be careful not to soak for a long time while washing.

Because our bra don't have any stitches,or a buckle, and the use of Japan hot pressing technology, it is recommended that everyone use neutral detergent, low temperature and gentle washing, s


 And if you are washing with a washing machine, it is necessary to load into laundry bags, neutral detergent, and turn the washing machine into gentle/delicate mode.

Lastly, remember that dark & light coloured must be washed separately, DO NOT put into the Dryer Machine (As HOT temperature will loosen the latex of the bra), just leave it dry under a shade/ can’t go direct under sunlight as well due to the negative ions( Fu Li Zi) will wear out 🌿🌿🌿

⚠️ DO NOT use hot water to wash it ya, as it will loosen the elasticity of the bra.
✅ Low temperature wash is recommended 



You don't need to remove the paddings when you wash them, but it's good to remove to wash them once a month. Each sizing comes with an extra thinner set of coasters to let customers fit perfectly with their preferences.

If you would love to enhance, you can add the thinner paddings along with the original paddings like this video below or vice versa... if you feel that the original paddings are thick, you can change them to just the thinner paddings. Easy & removable whenever you like !

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us anytime ! :)

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